01 May 2016

Earth Hour Activities at the Library

Last year, we had an interactive display at our library for the week leading up to Earth Hour, which was on March 28, 2015. We asked customers to write about what they would do for Earth Hour on a paper light bulb, and then we taped their responses on our wall so that other incoming customers could see them. Since being able to see the stars is one of the perks of turning off our lights for Earth Hour (and hopefully for more than just Earth Hour), we decided to add an extra component to our display. We had volunteers cut out paper stars and asked customers to either put their names on the stars, or what they would do for Earth Hour. These were then taped to the display wall below the light bulbs, but instead of just taping the stars randomly, we decided to add an educational component to it and used the stars to form constellations.

On the same day as Earth Hour, we also had a craft day for kids with an emphasis on reusing and re-purposing materials. Using discarded CDs and DVDs from our collection, as well as scrap paper from craft days we've had in the past, the kids made their own owls, birds, hybrid creatures. They also made a lady bug with glow-in-the-dark painted dots, and this would be used during Earth Hour as a (very dim) non-electric light source. Without further ado...behold the wonderful talent at our library!

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