02 May 2016

Butterfly Stitch - Royal Blue Cowl

This is a really nice, textured knit stitch, and was a lot easier to do than I thought it would be! I learned using a video from the masters at Knitting Stitch Patterns.

While knitting, I was listening to Neil Gaiman's American Gods. I really liked the narrators for this story because they made it come alive! If you ever get a chance to listen to this book, do it!

-knitting needles, size 6.5 mm or US 10.5
-steel yarn needles, size 7cm (for sewing finished ends together)
-about 3 balls of Red Heart Soft Touch royal blue yarn (266m/ball)

-knit (k)
-purl (p)
-slip 5 stitches with yarn in front (sl 5 wyif)
-knit 1 under loose strand (k1 uls)

This pattern is knitted in a multiple of 10 + 9 sts and a 20-row repeat.

The cowl ended up being 19" in length and 13" in width. To get these dimensions, I cast on 49 stitches and repeated the below pattern 11 times.

The first five rows were done in seed stitch, and I always started each of the rows with a knit stitch.

Then I repeated the below pattern and added a five stitch seeded border for each row:

Rows 1, 3, 5 and 7: K,P,K,P,K (seed stitch border), then K2, * sl 5 wyif, k5; repeat from * to last 12 stitches, sl 5 wyif, k2 then K, P, K, P, K

Row 2 and all even numbered rows: K,P,K,P,K, then purl all stitches to last 5 stitches, then K, P, K, P, K

Row 9: K,P,K,P,K, then K4, * k1 uls, k9; repeat from * to last 10 stitches, k1 uls, k4 then K, P, K, P, K

Rows 11, 13, 15 and 17: K,P,K,P,K, then K7, * sl 5 wyif, k5; repeat from * to last 7 stitches, k2 then K, P, K, P, K

Row 19: K,P,K,P,K, then K9, * k1 uls, knit 9; repeat from * to end, then K, P, K, P, K

Repeat Rows 1-20.

After repeating the pattern above several times, I knitted another five rows of seed stitch, cast off, and then sewed the ends together. Tada!

The images below show the reverse side of the stitch:

And as always, wrapped up in pretty paper so I can give it to a friend!

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