17 October 2015

Superhero Craft Day

Superheroes are awesome! We held a Superhero Craft Day earlier this year and had a wonderful turnout. On the advice of a colleague, we researched when the schools near our area would have their PA Days so that we could try to capture a larger attendee rate for our library programs. Did it work? Well, the boost in numbers was probably a combination of

1. being part of an active community center and public transportation hub
2. children being antsy during the colder months (we did this one in January), and
3. the day being a PA Day

Take out factor number 1, though, and the numbers definitely dwindle. For example, whenever the community pool is closed, the number of attendees for children's programs goes down. I always pray that pool maintenance occurs during our slower program days, but alas, it is not to be! Regardless, we are happy to take what benefits we can from being part of this larger community!

Now on to the crafts! Volunteers helped prepare three crafts for the kids:

Superhero Mask
-masks with eye holes from colourful foam sheets

Superhero Costume-Making
-body shapes from colourful foam sheets

Superhero Cuffs
-we pooled a collection of used but clean coffee cup sleeves from the staff

Materials for all three crafts:
-random stickers
-old comic books and discarded picture books
-scissors and glue

At the very end, if the kids were done early, we asked them to decorate a dye-cut shape and stick it onto a giant superhero cape, which would then be hung in the children's area of the library. We actually didn't have a chance to hang the cape though, because the kids spent most of their time with the other crafts. Here's the end product of the aborted Mission-Superhero-Cape:

Now, without further ado, check out what our kids did during the Superhero Craft Day program:

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