12 October 2015

Monster Craft Day

Earlier this year, we received a boat-load of white card stock paper from a very generous patron. All this extra material allows us to run more Craft Days! Yahoo!

In May, we ran a Monster themed Craft Day. Four crafts were prepared, and these easily take up the hour allotted for the program.

The hexagon monster was made using the white card stock paper and a slew of paper bits and pieces from previous craft sessions. We usually run the craft sessions free-style, meaning that we put the examples up on the board and lay out the materials on a table. The kids would then make their own monsters, or try to copy the example ones (though all but the youngest never do). The kids who attended made some really scary monsters, and I wish I had thought to bring my camera! Argh!!

Using collected toilet paper rolls and scrap paper and foam, the following many-eyed monster was born! Bwa ha ha!

We found some monster templates on the internet for mini monsters, which the kids could colour and glue onto a coffee stir stick. Monster puppets galore!

Lastly, we found a template for monster feet and cut a bunch of them out from thick boxes. Each kid received two pieces to make their own monster claws! The one below is made out of red foam cut into scale shapes. We also added two holes in the bottom of the claw to attach string. Alternatively, paper or foam strips can be taped on the other side to serve as a place to insert your hand.

In the middle of the other side of the monster claw, a green foam strip was taped (see below image) so that an index finger could be inserted for more stability when using the monster claw. Like the other crafts above, we used a lot of scrap foam and scrap paper from previous craft sessions.

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