08 September 2015

Ridged Scales Stitch - Turquoise Dragon Scale Infinity Scarf

For the long weekend, I thought I'd finally finish a project that's been in the works for about four months. I would start, then stop as soon as I got distracted by other things (being outdoors, cleaning the garden, playing the piano, day tripping...just about anything not to have to touch this project, really!).

However, since I was having a nostalgia trip and listening to a book I read when I was a wee lass, I thought it would be a great time do some knitting. What was the book, you ask? Well, it's Philip Pullman's classic fantasy novel, and the first of a trilogy, The Golden Compass! The audiobook is narrated really well by the author, and then there's a full cast of narrators for each of the characters. If you ever get a chance to listen to it (or read it), please do!

Also, it was super hot over the weekend and what better way to cool down? Without further ado, the meat of this post:

Since the pattern is copyrighted, I thought I'd better just give you all the link and then highlight any differences (hardly any changes, to tell you the truth...). Ahhh! I tricked you all! I wish I could write down the pattern here, but alas! 'T isn't mine!

The ridged scales stitch pattern can be found in the irishlace website, and this is a good video of how to do the complicated-looking stitch sl2tog-k1-p2sso.

-knitting needles, size 6.5 mm or US 10.5
-steel yarn needles, size 7cm (for sewing finished ends together)
-about 4 balls of Red Heart Shimmer yarn (turquoise with blue metallic thread interspersed; 256m/ball)

This scarf measured 59 cm long after the two ends were sewn together, and is 30 cm wide. 

This pattern incorporates a seed stitch border to prevent the possibility of curling. I followed this pattern exactly as written, and repeated rows 7-19 until the scarf reached a specific length. When it was long enough, I sewed the ends together so that it became an infinity scarf.

The wrong side of the pattern looks like leaves, or hearts:

This is the finished product when laid out on the floor:

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